Technology:JPM Impact
Payout % 
Notes:Credits and test mode.  Open back door, wait for machine to reboot, press the test button and hold it down till you hear a kerching sound, this will enable test mode, pressing the button quickly will give free plays.
ManualsImpact Manual 1
Work DoneApril 2012
Processor card had battery damaged.  Replaced, new card had space for games roms on the processor card.  Removed game roms from the separate game board and put them onto the new processor card
Work to do: 
FeaturesCash Track – Can get offered this in exchange for a win numbers will scroll on the alpha and when you stop them you win the value of the combined total shown
21 Pontooon – cards flash and have to stop on a card to play pontoon, can stick on 17 or higher, payout is 17 – £1, 18 – £2, 19 – £3, 20 – £4, 21 – Jackpot
Wild Nudges – Reels spin and you are offered 4 nudges. It seems there is always a win achiveable it’s just working out what is the best win, if you dont accept it will spin the reels again
Snap Ca$h Climb Six Shooter Break the Bank



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