Name:Action Club
Technology:MPU 4
Payout %Base of 72% + 8×2% (set via dip switches) = 88%
Notes:Have other decals.  20p play, £150 jackpot and 5p play, £75 jackpot
ManualsAction Club Wiring Diagram.pdf
Work to do: 

Money Matrix
Matrix of coins in the bottom left of the machine just above the start button which is used for multiple features.  When you get a win you will be offered a gamble between a higher and lower value on the matrix.  If its a very small win then the lower value could be lose.  If you loose the gamble you will be awarded the lower value.  If you win then you move up the the higher value and are offered a gamble between two new higher and lower values.  You are also able to press the save button during the gamble to bank part of the win stepping you back down the matrix and reducing the higher and lower values offered by the gamble

Action Club
Some of the fruits have numbers on them.  These numbers light up the letters spelling out ACTION CLUB.  Has a feature hold where the lit lights are held for the next spin.

Super Win
Various amounts will flash up on the Money Matrix and you have to press collect on what you hope will be the best offered amount.  After that you will be given a gamble option to increase this amount.  Win and it moves to the next value on the matrix, loose and you will be awarded that amount.  If you don’t press collect you will be awarded the last offered amount.

Link Up
Most of the coins on the money matrix will be lit up except there will be gaps of unlit coins.  You will start to climb past the lit coins until you reach an unlit one where you will get 3 shots to light that coin.  If you light it you continue to the next unlit coin and get 3 more shots to light that and so on.  If you fail to light it you win the amount of lit coins up to that point

Criss Cross Cash
Two lines of coins will light up one horizontally and one vertically.  Where they intersect when you press the gamble button will be the amount you win.  You do get a chance to gamble that amount up.

Coin Climber

Action Cash
Top left corner.  Coins light up starting at 50p and then incrementing by 50p all the way up to £5.  Alongside the coins is the payout which shows how much per pound you will get by taking the feature.  So for example if the coins are on £2 and the 20p in a pound option is lit you would win 40p.  Feature can be won when the Action Cash button is lit.  Good way of keeping a player playing with the aim to build up the Action Cash feature to the max £5 and the full value where you then move onto the notes on the top right corner and you have a Climb Yes No gamble.  You have 3 attempts at each note to get select yes to move onto the next note.

Money Pots
The machine has 3 pots.  Mini, Minor and Major.  The Mini pot seems to go up to £1, Minor pot value will go up to £10 and the Major pot to whatever the Jackpot is.  When the machine initialises these pots are set and as game play goes on they are incremented.  Only won the mini pot so far and it pays out instantly.  It also always seems to pay out £1 no matter what the value of the pot is, it lights up an extra light and increases the value to £1 then pays out.  The mini pot is won by getting 2xpot symbols next to each other, minor pot 3 pot symbols and major 4 pot symbols.

Some fruits have a respin logo on them.  If you haven’t got a win and a fruit with respin is in the winning line then the reels will spin again when you press start giving you a free go.  Good thing about respin is that the Action Club feature is always held.


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