Andys Great Escape

Name: Andy's Great Escape
Technology: MPU 4
Play: 5p
Jackpot: £6 wins over £3 in tokens
Payout %  
Manufacturer: BWB
Coin Mech ME126TS
Work to do: £1 payout not working and one 20p payout not working.  Actual payouts are fine but no signal, possibly triacs. The 20p tube that is working is 20p overflow so 20p level detector is forced full and the 20p overflow wires are on the 20p main tube.
Work done: April 2012
Sampled sounds was garbled.  Replaced the sound chips from a donor machine
Swapped 5 reel multiplexer assembly 682694 23783-1 from a donor machine
Inside Pics

Three in a bed - Collect best win. 3 numbers are shown on the matrix they keep scrolling. Stop the numbers and collect the sum value of the numbers.

Pocket Money - Skill stop get a cue on the matrix that moves to the ball - you have to press stop when the cue touches the ball, every time it does it adds 20p to the win value.  If you miss then it stops. 

Peck n Choose - Spins in a number of wins, press collect to choose the win that you want

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